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A story that begins in 1970

Over the years, we have cultivated and groomed our iris varieties. Today, we own the largest collection of irises in Europe with over 4000 varieties.

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Our irises are captivating and mesmerizing...

BFMTV – 2023

Biron: An exceptional collection of irises at the foot of the castle

“The colors of the 4,000 varieties of garden irises explode.”

SUD OUEST – 2023

The Château de Biron in Dordogne has its own flower, the iris, which grows near the source of the Laussou river

There is a genuine connection between the iris and our history. And this story continues with the creation of a new variety.


A collection that speaks for itself

Christine Cosi Nursery gardener in Biron

Here is the largest collection of irises in Europe and it is located in Dordogne

Passionate about and producing iris, she has the largest collection of varieties in Europe

Biron: More than 100,000 irises to discover at the foot of the castle

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